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What We Do

Mission: Recruiting Bandwidth’s mission is to elevate the recruiting industry and turn our customers into hiring machines.

Recruiting Bandwidth is a full-service recruiting strategy and talent management firm headquartered in Seattle, Washington. We offer our clients a proven, cost-effective approach to finding the right people: On-Demand Recruiting Services


Full Lifecycle Recruiting

We deliver full lifecycle recruiting, including writing compelling job descriptions, sourcing, applicant and referral management and offer negotiations. We make hundreds of great hires a year with our proven approach. This is our most popular model for startups and small to mid-sized companies.

Passive Candidate Sourcing and Engagement

Included in our full life cycle model, we also offer stand-alone, research-based passive candidate sourcing and engagement services. This offering has grown quickly for us and is suitable for sourcing directly into hiring managers or in support of pipeline building for internal recruiting teams. We are tenacious in finding and engaging with hard to reach candidates and will create, test, and optimize your best messaging.

Recruiting Training and Best Practices

We can help you develop your recruiting talent by conducting real-world training and sharing industry best practices. The beauty of our model is we get to experiment with the latest tools, trends and innovative ideas, so you get the “best of the best” from what we’ve learned recruiting for as many as 40 tech companies at any given time.

Recruiting Platform Selection and Implementation

We help you find the best technology to ensure long-term hiring success. Let us help you leverage best practices to manage and retain your high quality candidate data and hiring metrics.

Why It Works

Recruiting Bandwidth works because we work differently. These are the reasons why:


With tiered hourly and monthly contract recruiting services, we make it easy and affordable to augment your hiring efforts at a moment’s notice with just what you need. Whether running the show or supporting internal teams, we give you the right level of support when you need it most. And scale us up or down as hiring needs change – now that’s Recruiting Bandwidth!


We create long-term partnerships and want you to consider us part of your team. We get to know your company from the inside out. Armed with a deep understanding of your business and culture, we become enthusiastic ambassadors of your brand.


Avoid the expense and effort of contracting with multiple external contingent firms. Think a contracted individual recruiter may be cheaper? He or she likely won’t be free the next time around, but we’ll still be here with the knowledge, experience and best practices you already invested in us. When you pick us, you get all of us helping each other to make your recruiting shine.


Contingency firms are incentivized by placing as many people as possible, at the highest salary possible. At Recruiting Bandwidth we evaluate your company’s talent needs and search for and deliver the candidates best suited for the position, budget, and the culture of your company. And, all the candidates we source are leads you can keep in your own database to leverage well into the future.


Recruiting Bandwidth works seamlessly as a recruiting arm of your company, so candidates can trust that they are being sought by a real company with real talent needs. We learn your business and culture, and recruit under your brand. There are no hidden agendas. We are your talent agent!


We believe in hard work and are ready to roll up our sleeves and get things done. Combining years of experience and best-of-brand technologies, we deliver substantial results and stay on the cutting edge of emerging technology.
"I credit Recruiting Bandwidth for helping us build a team that set us up for long-term success. They found top Engineering talent and helped sell them on the vision and potential of our company, long before our success was assured. They are an ideal partner for companies looking to grow."
Manny Medina - CEO of Outreach

Success Stories

Our work speaks for itself

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Igneous systems
" We hired Recruiting Bandwidth to build our Seattle office, and they were instrumental in helping scale our team. Their expertise across all aspects of the recruiting life-cycle allowed us to quickly get ramped up and become relevant in the Seattle market. "
John Thimsen - VP, Engineering - Qualtrics


From startups to large enterprises, we work with companies of all sizes. Below is a sampling of some of the companies with which we work. Click here to see more!

Igneous systems
"The Recruiting Bandwidth model has worked out very well for us and they have done a terrific job. Compared to the contingent model we were used to, it was a hard sell to our Executives at first, however the results have proven the model and Recruiting Bandwidth to be more effective and a better value than the plethora of traditional recruiters we had been using."
Terry Mallberg - VP, Software Engineering - Xirgo Technologies

VC Partners

Additionally, we provide recruiting-centric HR services to venture capital firms to help build and scale their portfolio
" I stick with Recruiting Bandwidth because they are committed to learning my business and learning what I value in people to make my business successful. They’re not playing a numbers game with me. That’s why. "
Scott Gellock - Senior Director of Engineering - Instructure
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