“The Best Practices that (Recruiting Bandwidth) brought to us are paying off and will continue to pay off. This is a huge value to us now and in the long-term. You have set us up for success.”

  • John Combs, General Counsel & Vice President of Business Operations

“Recruiting Bandwidth (RB) managed recruiting at Placed for a few years prior to the acquisition by Snap Inc. Recently, we hired RB to help Placed hire engineers again, this time as part of Snap Inc. They made several high quality engineering hires for us in the highly competitive Seattle market. We appreciated this additional help – thanks RB!”

  • Niall King, Senior Recruiting Manager, SNAP

“Recruiting Bandwidth helped us meet our engineering hiring goals on an aggressive timeline. And as our needs have changed, they’ve been able to adapt and flex to support our various stages of growth.”

  • Duoc Nguyen, VP of Engineering, Tally (formerly Trace.me)

“Having focused first on creating a foundation for recruiting infrastructure, the recruiting process itself is a lot smoother and we hired very high caliber people.”

  • Joe Silver, SVP of Finance, Lighter Capital

“Recruiting Bandwidth helped us find talent to fill multiple roles across multiple cities, including senior leadership positions that were key to our growth. The team there is friendly and responsive, and they put in effort to learn the nuances of our culture so they could help us find the right fit.”

– Gina Phillips, General Manager Northwest, WeWork

“I stick with Recruiting Bandwidth because they are committed to learning my business and learning what I value in people to make my business successful. They’re not playing a numbers game with me. That’s why.”

– Scott Gellock, VP of Engineering, Instructure

“I would refer Recruiting Bandwidth just purely on cost alone! I appreciate that it feels like Recruiting Bandwidth is an extension of the company, not a third party recruiting agency. With Recruiting Bandwidth, you know you’re priority. Our leadership has been very pleased with the results and the metrics they have provided.”

– Leslie Wyles, Director of Finance and Administration, Xealth

“RB’s dedicated team and hands-on approach led to increased candidate quality yet our recruiting costs dropped.”

– Aaron Sheedy, COO, Xealth

“We hired Recruiting Bandwidth to help scale our Engineering team in our Seattle office. We didn’t have time to manage a remote recruiter and needed someone we could trust to source and close candidates for some of our highest priority reqs without much guidance – and Bruce fully delivered here! The team made their first hire within the first 3 weeks and continued to introduce quality candidates at a fast clip throughout the project. I highly recommend the Bandwidth Recruiting team and will gladly work with them again!”

– Nathalie Pretzer, Head of Talent, Premise Data

“We’ve worked with Recruiting Bandwidth since 98point6 was founded, and they’re now a fundamental part of our talent strategy. They’ve supported us in filling a variety of strategic roles, including engineering. Since establishing an internal talent acquisition team, we continue to work in partnership with Recruiting Bandwidth, and they feel like an extension of our team.”

– Robbie Cape, CEO, 98point6

“I credit Recruiting Bandwidth for helping us build a team that set us up for long-term success. They found top Engineering talent and helped sell them on the vision and potential of our company, long before our success was assured. They are an ideal partner for companies looking to grow.”

– Manny Medina, CEO, Outreach

“We hired Recruiting Bandwidth to build our Seattle office, and they were instrumental in helping scale our team. Their expertise across all aspects of the recruiting life-cycle allowed us to quickly get ramped up and become relevant in the Seattle market. ”

– John Thimsen, VP of Engineering, Qualtrics

“SCCA heard about Recruiting Bandwidth through word of mouth. Along with my other colleagues, we’ve been using their recruiting services. They really understood the qualities we were looking for and identified excellent candidates for us to make our hire. Recruiting Bandwidth really took the stress out of recruitment and I would recommend them to anyone needing additional recruiting support.”

– Liz Forman, Clinical Analytics Supervisor

“The Recruiting Bandwidth model has worked out very well for us and they have done a terrific job. Compared to the contingent model we were used to, it was a hard sell to our Executives at first, however the results have proven the model and Recruiting Bandwidth to be more effective and a better value than the plethora of traditional recruiters we had been using.”

– Terry Mallberg, VP of Software Engineering, Xirgo Technologies


“Jennie and her team have been retained by Globys for a over 5 years now. In this time, they have added tremendous value to Globys and staffed over 80 employee roles in addition to several independent contractors and interns. The roles have included very difficult engineering, sales, solutions architects, and executive leadership roles and all levels in between. What I love the most, besides the high caliber recruiters she has on staff, is that we can dial them up or down as our business needs fluctuate. We’ve had at times the equivalent of two full time resources from her team to just one part-time and they never missed a beat.

We noticed a tremendous step up in the quality of the candidates because of Recruiting Bandwidth’s approach. They quickly integrated into the team and were delivering results. And compared to the recruiting fees we were paying with other recruiting providers, they were highly cost-effective.”

– Derek Edwards, CEO, Globys

“Recruiting Bandwidth’s return on investment has been terrific. I would expect to pay a search firm 3X what Recruiting Bandwidth charged. Recruiting Bandwidth’s follow-up is very professional, and the interviewing process was great. They are very professional, adhere to schedules, and are available when we need them.

Recruiting Bandwidth ‘get it’ — they found the right people who understand the entrepreneurial start-up spirit. They get the business that we are in.”

– Greg Marcinkowski, Chief Operating Officer, 2nd Watch

“The Recruiting Bandwidth team is smart, quick, and can turn on a dime.  Now that we’ve been working with them for a while, I can give them a req, and I’m done.  In fact, I just gave them a req, and they’ve got an interview, and it’s only been a couple of days. They make me look good.”

– Matthew Brantley, Senior Director of HR & Operations, Satori Software

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