Globys faced a challenge common to many growing technology firms: finding, attracting, hiring, and retaining top-tier talent. “Finding good talent is challenging in today’s market,” said Derek Edwards, CEO of Globys. “We were leveraging a lot of external recruiting services, and found we were paying a lot of money, but not finding the right people.”

Globys also faced the challenge of having no established hiring team or recruiting processes in place and over 25+ hires to make. “Our HR team was having a hard time scaling and managing the recruiting process with all of the different external recruiters,” continued Edwards. “This meant our managers were spending their valuable time recruiting instead of working on the jobs they were hired to do.”


Recruiting Bandwidth stepped in and quickly took stock of Globys’ needs. They first put tools and processes in place to track job openings, post jobs, interview candidates, and evaluate talent. Recruiting Bandwidth also helped establish how Globys made offers to candidates and how new hires were brought on board.

With the processes and infrastructure in place, Recruiting Bandwidth got to work on filling positions. Recruiting Bandwidth team members worked onsite at Globys in order to communicate directly with hiring managers and really understand the company’s needs and culture.

“We noticed a tremendous step up in the quality of the candidates because of Recruiting Bandwidth’s approach,” stated Edwards. “They quickly integrated into the team and were delivering results. And compared to the recruiting fees we were paying with other recruiting providers, they were highly cost-effective.”

Recruiting Bandwidth also successfully provided full lifecycle recruiting services to Globys on a global scale. “In one case, in Latin America, we had been working with a retained search firm; there were a couple good candidates, but once Recruiting Bandwidth dove in, they were able to find better candidates than we were given the first time,” said Edwards. “We ended up hiring one of those candidates, which saved us a search fee–tens of thousands of dollars.”


Recruiting Bandwidth helped Globys:

  • Build a scalable recruiting infrastructure and recruiting processes
  • Create a talent pipeline of qualified candidates
  • Hire top-tier talent at a fraction of a cost of alternative recruiting services

Today, the Recruiting Bandwidth team continues to be a constant presence at Globys headquarters. They are also helping to manage day-to-day HR issues, and are an integral part of bringing new hires on board.

New hires have told management that theirs was among the smoothest transitions to a new job they have ever experienced, and Globys credits Recruiting Bandwidth with this success

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