What was the challenge you were trying to solve?

Instructure is a mid-sized company in Salt Lake City with an internal recruiting team responsible for filling all of the various disciplines on the non-technical side. The business had growth needs for engineering and tapped me to open an engineering office in Seattle.

Our challenge was our lack of presence and brand recognition in Seattle. Therefore, we needed to partner with someone who understood the Seattle market, had the “boots on the ground” dynamics of what it takes to engage with talent, and at the very least, could open doors and tell Instructure’s story.

How Did You Go About Solving It?

I was introduced to Recruiting Bandwidth through a mutual friend in the industry. Instructure was very successful hiring in their home market. But the Seattle market is very different so we had to land that with headquarters. The Recruiting Bandwidth team worked with me to inform our corporate headquarters in Salt Lake about the Seattle market. It was great to collaborate with Recruiting Bandwidth on that. We worked together and laid the groundwork about how to think about their contributions.

Why Recruiting Bandwidth?

They seamlessly plug-in to us. When they recruit for us, they don’t look like their company, they look like ours. I think that is huge. They use our tools and our email addresses.

What also strongly appealed to Instructure is Recruiting Bandwidth’s
business/engagement model. As part of Recruiting Bandwidth’s model, we have a number of options to increase or lower our usage on the recruiting side. We’ve been very steady with how much we’ve used them. The great thing is we can easily scale up or scale down based on needs. The flexibility of their model was a big benefit for the Salt Lake executive team and helped motivate them to try it. In addition, the database of talent that Recruiting Bandwidth engages with is a great asset.

What Have Been the Results So Far?

My experience with Recruiting Bandwidth has been great – it’s been super. They collaborated with me to make the case with Salt Lake Headquarters about the most effective approach to take with regards to the Seattle market. They were able to open doors and tell our story, though we had no brand presence in the market.

What has your working relationship been with your recruiter?

I have enjoyed working with the senior recruiter assigned to us. We’ve had him for a while and he is fantastic — awesome. I’m a big fan. I like the consistency of the relationship that I, from the perspective of the hiring manager, have with the recruiter.

We spent time calibrating why a candidate worked for me. He’s plugged into the same communication systems we are. Our conversations are high quality and very, very helpful. What I really appreciate is that I never feel like he’s trying to sell me on a candidate that wouldn’t be a fit. It’s never like that. I feel like in the true sense we are partnering in our goal. There’s a high level of integrity and it has always been that way with him. Our recruiter was also able to help us with an extremely challenging role that the company had which was a security role.

I would definitely recommend and refer Recruiting Bandwidth.

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