We’ve come to it at last: we’re happy to announce the launch of a blog series about Elevating Recruiting–a topic that is near and dear to our hearts here at Recruiting Bandwidth. We have an unabashed passion for elevating both recruiting practices and the state of the recruiting industry as a whole. This passion is the spark behind our founding story.

This 10-part Blog Series, outlined below, is a high-level look at the perception of and real challenges in both recruiting practices and the recruiting industry overall, our hope for the future, and how we believe we, collectively, can transform those hopes into reality.

It’s no secret that it’s tough to find strong, reliable recruiters who have both the smarts and the relationship skills to consistently bring in the best talent and build company brands while doing so. Within our own team, our search for truly excellent recruiters was so tough that we began investing our own resources into training and building our own first-rate recruiters. Over the years we’re received positive feedback from our clients about the level of professionalism and high-quality work of our recruiters and that we build solid recruiters.

Then an idea was planted: leading the charge on training and certifying recruiters. Great recruiters close great candidates, and we know what a great recruiter can look like. So just as we’ve been creating them on our own time, we will do it for our clients.

This blog series officially launches this Training and Certification program and carries with it the core passion out of which Recruiting Bandwidth was born and will continue to strive towards: the elevation of both recruiting practices and the recruiting industry.

Having run full life-cycle recruiting for many of our clients for years, people ask us to walk them through what it takes to build an effective recruiting strategy. How do you get from A (where they are now) to Z, building a well run talent engine, what we affectionately dub Recruiting Nirvana. That’s what this series encompasses – a high-level look at how you move from A to Z in developing a seamless talent engine. Once you accomplish that, recruiting becomes much easier, efficient and rewarding. It even becomes more fun.

This 10-part blog covers the following episodes. Whether you’re a hiring manager, a recruiter, or a Talent Acquisition head, read it to up your game.


Episode 1: Our Recruiting Bandwidth Manifesto

Episode 2: Where Are You Now?

Episode 3: Build a Recruiting/Talent Engine

Episode 4:  Do Your Research

Episode 5:  Engage Your Audience

Episode 6:  Curation

Episode 7:  On Being Data-Driven

Episode 8:  Showtime

Episode 9:  What Makes a Great Recruiter

Episode 10:   Hiring Nirvana


Check out our first episode, Recruiting Bandwidth Manifesto.

Posted by Jennie Ellis

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