Lighter Capital Success Story

Lighter Capital, a Seattle-based financial services company, is one of the first lenders to use revenue-based financing to fund tech startups. Since 2012, Lighter Capital has provided over $130 million in growth capital to over 250 companies.


Lighter Capital was referred to Recruiting Bandwidth when they needed recruiting infrastructure support. They were gearing up to hire numerous key roles and their leadership team wanted to build a recruiting foundation based on best practices.  

Recruiting Bandwidth came in to create and execute a strategy to build recruiting infrastructure and hiring for several roles.


The project began with the teams aligning on company values and Lighter Capital’s needs to achieve the company’s long-term goals. A clear plan was devised on how they, as a team, would accurately assess candidates for fit with their values, fit with the stage of their company, and fulfill the qualifications for the job.

Recruiting Bandwidth set up an applicant tracking system and recruitment process, job descriptions and a marketing strategy with a goal of creating a top-level candidate experience.  Recruiting Bandwidth created an interview process for Lighter Capital, based on the most important candidate criteria to them.


The overall outcome for Lighter Capital has been a success. The recruiting process was strengthened, and the foundation for it has been established to enable the company to scale. A critical alignment was created between the Lighter Capital recruiting and hiring teams to get the right talent on board. In just a few months, a total of eight new hires were made including a two Directors, one Analyst, one Special Assets Manager, two Associates, one Digital Marketing Manager, one Content Marketing Manager, one Senior Visual Designer, one Account Representative and the list continues to grow.

“Having focused first on creating a foundation for recruiting infrastructure, the recruiting process itself is a lot smoother and we hired very high caliber people.” Joe Silver, SVP of Finance at Lighter Capital