Headquartered in San Francisco, OneLogin provides industry leading enterprise IAM solutions for every user, device, and application. Their goal was to build a new engineering center in Seattle, a small team with startup spirit, to take advantage of both the local talent pool and reduced costs compared to hiring in the Bay Area.

Ron Craswell and Blake Ramsdell, long-time industry veterans, were tapped by OneLogin’s CEO as Senior Engineering Directors and were tasked with establishing the new engineering center in Seattle; to build new teams that would work on OneLogin’s client and server applications.

In their efforts to build out the Seattle team, Ron and Blake were primarily receiving candidates from an applicant pool and/or through contingent/bounty agencies. This process wasn’t meeting their needs – both in terms of candidate quality and volume.

As they stated, “we were getting a high volume of unfiltered resumes from agencies, which we’d then have to take time to sift through. After all that time invested, 99% of the resumes weren’t close to being a fit.”

They needed a more effective solution that would free up their time, while ensuring hiring goals were met.


Ron, a startup veteran who’s experience includes Facebook and Google, knew of Recruiting Bandwidth’s model from previous engagements together in the region. Already familiar with how their ‘Recruiting as a Service’ model could help startups scale, he reached out to see how our model would work in a large, established organization.

“We love Recruitng Bandwidth’s model because it’s effective both from a results and cost standpoint.” Ron added, “when I worked with them in the past, they always brought top candidates in the door. They have a very targeted, efficient approach. Their motivation is different from a bounty agency. They are motivated to find the right hire and keep us happy. Bounty agencies are commission focused so if the role is hard, from our experience, they move on and they don’t care as much whether the candidate is the best fit.”

Recruiting Bandwidth assigned a Principal, Ed Pedini, to lead their efforts. He and a small team of talented recruiters worked with the Hiring Managers to understand their specific needs – technology, experience, and culture – and developed a clear profile for their ideal hires. They partnered with OneLogin to understand their business, their unique value proposition, and both the current and future state of engineering in Seattle so that they could effectively communicate the opportunity to candidates.

Ed and his team then partnered with OneLogin’s SF-based recruiting team and shifted the strategy from largely passive (receiving applicants) to 100% targeted candidate outreach using a target list of ideal candidates based on work experience, technical speciality, and many other aspects.

Leveraging OneLogin’s existing brand, email, and Applicant Tracking Systems, Recruiting Bandwidth took on the role of internal recruitment for Redmond and reached out to candidates with a personalized message to best articulate OneLogin’s unique value proposition. Using a data-driven approach they were able to measure the success of their outreach efforts and tune the messaging, timing, and delivery methods for optimal results.

Once a candidate expressed interest, Ed and team leveraged their knowledge of OneLogin’s product, business, and engineering challenges to effectively sell the value of the opportunity as well as ensuring there was a mutual technology and team fit.

Apart from filling the candidate pipeline, they assisted in streamlining the interview process into one that was quick, efficient, and firmly focused on candidate experience, and went on to manage the entire hiring lifecycle for both staff and candidates from initial discussion through to offer.

“Recruiting Bandwidth’s candidate screening and filtering was a marked difference from our previous process. They made strong suggestions that helped us create the current interview process we use. It has truly been a thought partnership from day one of our kickoff.”

This new streamlined and differentiated interview process – that could typically be completed in just a few hours end-to-end – proved to be not just an enormous time-saver, but ensured OneLogin could move fast and rapidly make the hires the needed – often beating much larger companies to the punch.


Ed and his team created an effective recruiting process that set OneLogin apart in terms of candidate experience, speed, agility, and employer branding. And results were quickly realized. OneLogin made 4 key, senior engineering hire, in a highly-contested space within just several weeks.

Blake stated, “Recruiting Bandwidth has hired most of our Seattle team. The Seattle office is shaping up fantastically. It has a 10-person startup feel yet is backed up with the stability and success of a 150-person company. They have effectively brought us top quality candidates. Our pipeline is very different from what it was before. I’ve never had so many qualified candidates.”

The passive candidate sourcing helped OneLogin define a productive and efficient recruiting approach that gets to the heart of the kinds of people they are looking for.

As well, Ron adds, “The first level filtering and screening that Recruiting Bandwidth does is very effective. Very few of the candidates they screen don’t make it past our first [coffee meeting]. We’ve developed trust such that when the team schedules that first coffee meeting with a candidate, we automatically say yes because we know it’s going to be a good candidate. The Recruiting Bandwidth team knows what we want. It’s been a great working relationship.”

In terms of the interview process, Blake adds “The interview/onsite process has garnered us great results and sets us apart from other companies. It’s not your typical recruiting process and Ron and I and our candidates love it.

Overall, Recruiting Bandwidth has helped us make great hires while managing the process, including our Applicant Tracking System, which makes our lives so much easier and puts our focus on engaging the top candidates we’re getting in.

We would recommend Recruiting Bandwidth without hesitation.”

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