We live in an interesting time. Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce today. Here are three key items people my age look for in an employer:


When I was growing up, I remember my dad used to head to work before the sun was coming up and he come home after dark. He even went into the office on some Saturdays (my mom would force my dad to bring me and my brothers along so he wouldn’t stay there too late). I wish he’d been able to be more present during my childhood but as the breadwinner, the pressure was all on him to support our family financially, at least until my mom started working after us kids were grown up a bit. These days, being able to work remotely and be there for our loved ones is important. We want to be able to take time for vacation where we can be off the grid. We want to be able to help our elderly parents or take care of our children when they are sick and not feel bad about it when we can’t work. Sometimes, we just want an extra hour to sleep in and wear pajamas and be able to take our dog out for a walk on our lunch. Trust and confidence between an employer and his or her employees to get their work done goes a long way.  

Opportunity to Learn & Grow  

Millennials require constant stimulation. They don’t want to wind up like previous generations doing the same stale thing every day for decades before retiring worn down and tired. We realize the importance of evolution. This younger generation sees employment as a two-way street. When an employer takes the time to train us and help us develop new skills, we see it as a form of investment, that we’re valued as individuals and that we’re being set up with the tools for success. Support from the top is key.

Social Impact & Values

Given how fast communication and news travel in this day and age, it’s harder for companies to keep the lid on bad press. If a company is destroying the environment for profit, if a company’s leadership is in trouble for mistreating its employees, we will find out eventually one way or another. Most millenials want to work for companies where our values align. Whether it has to do with environmental preservation, human rights or general decency, it matters. Despite how politicians at even the national level are getting away with bad behavior, we still want to hold companies and company leadership accountable for their actions.

We also like when companies are philanthropic and give back to their communities. When it’s encouraged for employees to volunteer and/or when employers pay their employees to volunteer, that’s even more awesome. It’s also a way that encourages bonding between co-workers and helps build company brand and reputation for the better.

Thanks for listening and working with us millennials in the modern workforce.

Posted by Christina Cantillo

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