Satori Software, a leading provider of data quality and mailing solutions, was growing quickly. A number of new hires were needed immediately and Satori’s small Human Resources team needed recruiting support.

“We couldn’t justify bringing on a full-time employee to do recruiting because our recruiting needs ebb and flow,” said Matthew Brantley, Senior Director of HR & Operations. “So the notion of an outsourced recruiting team was very attractive to us. It filled our need more effectively and more economically than other solutions.”

However, a recruiter would need to get up to speed quickly in order to find just the right fit for Satori, a company proud of its unique work environment. “We consider our team a family, not just a group of workers,” continued Brantley.
Enter Recruiting Bandwidth.


Recruiting Bandwidth met with Satori’s management team, and soon, Ryan, one of Recruiting Bandwidth’s recruiters, became a fixture at Satori. He integrated with the other employees, got a feel for the company and the culture, and got to work on several key, mid-level positions.

“To get started, Ryan met with all managers who had open reqs at the time, so that he could get to know them, understand exactly what they were looking for, and get a broader cultural perspective, of what Satori is,” said Brantley.

By building those relationships with management, and being onsite at Satori, the Recruiting Bandwidth team is able to do a much better job of finding prospects who fit in both culturally and professionally.

“Ryan and the Recruiting Bandwidth team are smart, quick, and can turn on a dime. Now that we’ve been working with them for a while, I can give them a req, and I’m done,” shared Brantley.  “In fact, I just gave Ryan a req, and he’s got an interview, and it’s only been a couple of days. He makes me look good.”

Recruiting Bandwidth helped Satori Software:

  • Create a personalized recruitment strategy for Satori’s unique work culture and individual manager’s needs.
  • Quickly and cost-effectively meet their growing recruiting demands.
  • Hire more than 35 employees.

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