Startups Competing with Big Companies: How to Recruit Top Talent

February 8, 2019
February 8, 2019 Christina Cantillo

Startups Competing with Big Companies: How to Recruit Top Talent

The job market is hot. It can be almost impossible for startups to feel like they can compete with big companies for desirable and qualified candidates to help grow their companies especially when compensation level can’t be matched. Here are some key advantages that startups can have when recruiting top talent:

1) Experience- Individuals have the opportunity to do a lot more from the ground up in a startup environment. They can make a bigger impact on a personal level for a young company. There are fewer opportunities to hold top positions at a big company. Working for a startup allows individuals to expand their skill set and learn more on the job instead of walking in and already knowing how to do everything.

2) Immediate impact -When working for a startup, one oftentimes can come across a lot less red tape when it comes to execution than when working for a larger company. The stake of ownership can be quite powerful. Working for a startup allows for an individual to not have to go through as many checks and balances. There are even instances where processes can be developed on the job.

3) Flexibility- When working for a smaller company, employees have the opportunity to be a part of a more flexible work culture. There can be a chance to work from home and balance work and personal life better. Don’t be fooled: this does not mean you can slack off and get away with it. Accountability is usually high at startups but oftentimes, a higher degree of trust startups comes along with it.

4) Your startup is mission-driven- When leadership is clear on the mission of their startup, it makes it easier to motivate their employees to succeed because there is clarity on what everyone as a collective is working toward. Sometimes, it can be hard to clearly understand what a startup does. It is imperative that startups make a point to stand out from the crowd in some way. If a startup’s own employees don’t understand or believe in the product or service they’re selling, then consumers won’t either!

5) Honesty- Many startups fail. It’s important to be clear when talking to candidates about the risk vs. reward ratio. It helps to show what steps company leadership is taking to make their startup succeed in the long run. Be organized, transparent and genuine. Be clear on what the value of the position is that is being hired for. In exchange, the selected candidate will feel valued and that he or she has a purpose even before the first day on the job.

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