Recruiting leaders at WhitePages were buried with open positions and needed support. Having just 120 staff supporting over 50M users per month – the environment is one of heavy competition for top talent. Skeptical of contract recruiters, but concerned there was not enough volume to keep a full-time employee busy; they were needing an effective way to deal with the ebb and flow of demand on their small team while maintaining a very high bar.

Enter Recruiting Bandwidth.

Recruiting Bandwidth jumped in, first on the hard-to- fill technology positions. Sitting onsite with the WhitePages team, absorbing their culture and getting to know their value proposition first hand, the Recruiting Bandwidth team ramped up quickly.
“At our first meeting we discussed how hard it would be to recruit for WhitePages,” notes Ed Pedini, Recruiting Bandwidth’s Lead Recruiter, “but every business wants the best employees, so we took it in stride. Sure enough we found ourselves competing to identify and hire the very best – we needed that elusive purple squirrel for each hire. It quickly became apparent this would be our most challenging assignment to date.”

They made several great engineering hires in a highly competitive market and rapidly expanded their recruiting support across the WhitePages organization. “I must admit, I have not always been an advocate of outside recruiting resources, but now there is not a position I would not give to Recruiting Bandwidth. They consistently do a great job,” said Jenny Kohr Chynoweth, Talent Outreach Manager at WhitePages.

“From an engineering perspective,” explains Susan Fincher, Snr HR Manager, “Recruiting Bandwidth has been able to go deeper in our requirements and the candidate’s skills, to gather technical information that enables out engineering managers make decisions without investing as much time up front as previously required. We’ve not had that in the past, even with our own in-house recruiters.”

“Recruiting Bandwidth is doing so much to take stress off of our team. Not only are they sourcing great talent, but they are excellent project managers, and just nice people to work with,” continued Jenny.

WhitePages has been able to scale up and down support with Recruiting Bandwidth; hiring great people and helping to support critical recruiting initiatives like their University Graduate Recruiting program.

Recruiting Bandwidth helped WhitePages:

  • Identify and hire the top talent
  • Reduce the time spent be management reviewing and interviewing candidates
  • Scale quickly to meet the ebb and flow of recruiting needs
  • Provide critical day-to- day project management support
  • Expand their recruiting reach

Today, the Recruiting Bandwidth team continues to support WhitePages. “The net result is that we are greatly expanding our reach with Recruiting Bandwidth’s sourcing and day-to- day project management support. I am definitely a Recruiting Bandwidth convert,” closed Jenny.

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