Spun out of Providence Ventures, Xealth enables healthcare teams to order digital content and services as easily as they do medications today. Patients can then access these digital health prescriptions from the provider’s portal, so that they can actively manage their health. Xealth will dramatically improve the connection between physicians and patients.

Having just closed a Series-A funding round, Xealth needed to quickly build their team with critical, high-quality staff, which included several niche skill sets in Engineering, Product Management, and Solution Architecture. They needed an increase in both the quantity and quality of their talent pool, while keeping the process cost-effective and with a minimal amount of overhead for the core engineering team.



Leslie Wyles, Director of Finance and Administration, started asking her network for referrals which led her to Recruiting Bandwidth. Hiring strong talent in a cost effective way was a critical objective for Leslie and the Xealth team.

Recruiting Bandwidth’s model was new to Xealth. Recruiting Bandwidth’s approach of recruiting as though they are internal recruiters, as well as its focus on process improvement to scale the talent pipeline, appealed to the Xealth team. While immediately driving an increase in qualified candidates, Recruiting Bandwidth simultaneously worked with Xealth’s executive management on a fast, low-cost plan to build Xealth’s employment brand, and leverage best-of-breed technology to simplify the recruiting process for everyone.

Recruiting Bandwidth met with the Xealth executive team and their hiring managers to develop an initial hiring plan. Over a few sessions they were able understand Xealth’s product and technology, company culture, current and projected needs, as well as previous hiring challenges.

Together, Xealth and Recruiting Bandwidth were able to revitalize every aspect of their recruitment process. Revamped branding and content was developed to showcase Xealth’s unique value proposition to potential employees, while a new advertising strategy made the best use of free and paid resources to ensure the message was being delivered.

Recruiting Bandwidth dedicated sourcing experts to the project, which were able to identify and contact passive candidates that met Xealth’s technical requirements, but also shared in their passion for healthcare technology. A new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – Xealth’s first – greatly streamlined the process for managing their career site, job postings, and all the administration of their end-to-end interview process.  

Weekly review sessions with the hiring managers and executive stakeholders ensured everyone was always up to speed and provided a regular forum to fine tune the process over time.

Working with Recruiting Bandwidth and their unique recruiting as a managed service model took a leap of faith, which quickly paid off. “We were putting in money first before the hires, and once we put that initial investment in, we quickly saw results.” said Leslie Wyles.



Recruiting Bandwidth streamlined the Xealth hiring process and implemented a number of employment branding strategies that began to shift results.

The outcome exceeded expectations, especially with regards to some very difficult roles. Prior to partnering with Recruiting Bandwidth, their average cost of hire was upward of $20,000. Once Recruiting Bandwidth led the process, the cost of hire fell to less than a third of that cost.

While Xealth had a head start on good brand employment as a uniquely purpose driven company with strong social channels, with a few adjustments on employment branding and advertising strategy suggested by Recruiting Bandwidth, candidate flow increased dramatically. “We’ve had other 3rd party recruiters, but suddenly we’ve had this influx of candidates and good candidates that we haven’t seen before.” Wyles stated. Using Recruiting Bandwidth’s omni-channel branding and advertising strategy, Xealth was able to generate a high-quality candidate pool with more than 2,000 applications over 90 days –  an unprecedented number for the company. On top of the hopeful applicants, Recruiting Bandwidth ran focused outreach campaigns that targeted hundreds of passive, ideal local candidates. Utilizing both passive and active talent pools allowed for a search that left no stone unturned.

Simultaneous to making strong hires, Recruiting Bandwidth made some improvements in Xealth’s hiring process, removing some ambiguity from the process and how the Xealth team and candidates move through various steps. Xealth now has its own ATS, actively building its own talent pipeline with each search and has smoothed out its scheduling process. All of the process improvements have made for an overall better candidate experience.

“I would refer Recruiting Bandwidth just purely on cost alone!” said Wyles, adding
“I appreciate that it feels like Recruiting Bandwidth is an extension of the company, not a third party recruiting agency. With Recruiting Bandwidth, you know you’re priority. Our leadership has been very pleased with the results and the metrics they have provided.” Xealth COO, Aaron Sheedy, states:  RB’s dedicated team and hands-on approach led to increased candidate quality yet our recruiting costs dropped.


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